More of the A. Family

I love this darling family.  They are all so cute and have such a fun sense of style.  Here are a few of my favs:

Doesn't this sweet girl melt your heart?

Can you tell these sisters love their brother?

These two girls are so cute and talented

 Thanks A. Family!!

E. Family Sneak Peek

Can. Not. Wait. To. Show. You. More!!!!!!!!!!!

A Few of P.

Here are a two of my favorite images of P.  You will see a few more of her kids and their families coming up soon...

It's Great to be Eight!

This sweet little girl has hit a huge milestone in her life.  She has turned 8 and made the decision to be baptized.  She was a pure delight to photograph and was so darling in her gorgeous white dress.  

Her dad was able to baptize her and I love how proud she looks in this image

She got a new set of scriptures for her special day!

Her hair is so cute and perfect for the occasion

She's got such a great family standing by her

And let's not forget the customized cookies made just for her

Congrats L.  Thanks for letting me be part of your special day!

More of the L. Family

This brown eyed family was almost drenched when the sprinklers unexpectedly turned on!  You would never know from the pictures that we barely escaped a wet doom!  Here are a few of my favs:

Thanks L. Family!

Another Sneak Peek...

Here's just one of this happy couple.  Check back soon for more of them and their family...

Sweet Baby B.

Can I just take a second to say I love my job.  How could I not?  I get to work with so many amazing people and snuggle with cute little babies like sweet baby B.  She is darling and was such a trooper.  Here are a few of my favorite images:

Sometimes I like to get a few with just the baby without all the frills.  Isn't that squishy face so cute!

I love that she is already accessorized!

 These boys are happy to have a baby sister!!

This was exhausting work!!

Thanks Baby B. for a darling session.  And congrats to your cute family!

A. Family Sneak Peek...

Love this colorful family!! More to come...

Sneak Peek of L.'s Special Day...

This darling girl had a special day today and we were able to capture some great images.  More to come soon...

Sweet Baby B. Sneak Peek!

Oh how we love baby girls!  I can't wait to show you more of sweet baby B. Here's one to hold you over!

Had to Share...

I've got  a lot of editing to do, but I had to share this one of this darling girl.  More to come of her and her cute family...

A Little Bit of Love...

It's been a hectic summer to say the least.  It's amazing how quickly each day passes. But we did find a moment to enjoy this wonderful day with some special people. So, of course I had to share a couple images!

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