The H. Family

This is the H. family- aren't they so cute? So much energy bundled up in those little boy bodies.

But doesn't this sweet smile make your heart melt?

I just love how this picture captured their little boy walk.

And even though he didn't want to smile much this day, little T. was still a doll!


The W. Family

Mrs. W. came to me with this idea of doing the black on black for their family photo. They are such a fun family.

Did I mention these kids are hysterical? They were so much fun to take pictures of!

I just love this one. It so captures their personalities.

And of course the whole family has a little bit of awesome in them!

Thanks W. Family for a great time!

Getting Ready For Fall

This picture from a photoshoot I had this morning got me in the mood for fall. This little guy just wanted to hide behind the orange leaves. I love watching the leaves change colors and I will have more pics of this cute family coming, but for now enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

A Snippet of Things to Come

Here's just snippet of this fun and crazy photoshoot. More to come...

Lighting Test

While I prefer doing outdoor shots (because of all of our gorgeous surroundings and how candid it makes the pictures look and feel), I do occasionally do indoor shots. I have a shoot coming up where the family wanted a very specific feel and look. I wanted to do a test shot to make sure I knew exactly what she wanted beforehand, and I had the perfect model! It worked out great and I can't wait to shoot the W. family after getting such cute shots of my little stud!


Remember these cute twin girls?

I was having trouble with Blogger not wanting me to upload pics. But I finally was able to and here are a few pics:

Big Eyed Cutie Pie!

Sweet little A. is such a cutie pie! She has such a fun personality and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen on a little person. Every time I asked her if she wanted to do something she replied "Ya" and we had a great time playing with the plants and sitting on rocks. She is just a doll and below are a few of the pics from our session.

I had to post this one because I loved this face! So serious!

"I Hope They Call Me On A Mission"

M. was just called to serve a LDS mission in Alabama. I remember the day he was born (where does the time go?) We share them same birthday. My mom took me to the hospital on my 10th birthday to hold newly born M. I thought he was so cute back then-- and look at him now that he is all grown up (and making me feel really old!) We took some dressed up photos and a few casuals so his mom would have something to look at every day to remember him while he is gone for the next two years. And although he looked great in living color, I thought he looked striking in black and white. Here are a few pics from our photo session.

And of course he got his good looks from his cute parents!

Double Trouble Coming soon!

It's been a busy month and I promise I will post more pictures from all of these cute shoots I've had. But until then enjoy the suspense and these darling little girls!

Giving You "The Bird"

Snowbird is one of my favorite ski resorts of all time. And it's equally as beautiful in the summer time. Here's a few images that make me homesick.

Only a few more months until SNOW!!!

City Girl Meets the Mountains!

This is what happens when you take a city girl to the mountains!

I think she is still in awe!

More Of This Cuteness To Come!

I can't wait to show you more of this cutie pie!

Elder M Sneak Peak

There are many more to come, but how could I resist tempting you with this handsome face?

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