US Open 2010

I previously posted some pics of the grounds at Pebble Beach, but I know that most of you really want to see the players. The way the course is laid out I got to be close to a lot of the players. And although I didn't know the names of most of them I had a blast photographing them. The Lady Gaga song "Paparazzi" kept repeating in my head over and over all day long! And although I didn't get a shot of the winner of the tournament (mostly because I had never heard of him before), I did get a few shots of some faces that may be familiar to most of you. Enjoy!


This one is probably one of my favorite shots. It captures the fogginess of the day. And although Justin Leonard didn't win, this was a pretty good shot for him.

Tiger and Rory were hanging out in the practice area. Kindof creepy to find out that while I was zooming in and staring at Rory he was staring right back at me!

I don't know what it is about Jimenez's ponytail, but I'm totally drawn to it!

Did you know that Geoff Ogilvy sticks his tongue out when he drives the ball?

Steve Stricker trying to get out of the bunker.

I have no idea who this is but I liked the shot. I just hope his ball made it over the bunker and onto the green!

Sergio and Vijay walking down the fairway.

Tiger happy and hopeful about the tournament.

Chris Berman asking "What the heck Tiger? How many times can you bogey in a day?"

Love the plaid pants Ian!

Can you see Ernie's ball in this picture?

There were lots of studly players out on the course but these were my favorite men of the day!

Pebble Beach

I had the opportunity to spend quite a few days this past week at Pebble Beach during the US Open. For the first few days they let me take my camera in and I was in heaven! What a scenic place. Even though most of the days were overcast and windy every turn we made took my breath away. This golf course on the cliffs is a treat for the eyes. Here are a few of my favorites :

I Heart Photography "All About Babies" Entry

This has got to be one of my favorite baby pictures I've ever taken. Everything turned out perfectly. And isn't this the purest most serene face you have ever seen? I just love it!

So this is my top pic choice for this week's I Heart Faces contest since the theme is "All About Babies". www.iheartfaces.com

I Heart Faces "Play" Entry

A friend of mine introduced me to a fun website called "I Heart Faces." I joined and found that they have these fun weekly photo contests. So I thought to help me get out there and continuously shoot I would try to submit a pic each week to the contest for whatever theme it may be. This week the theme is "Play" and here is little man playing on the swings. This was his first time in a swing and he was stuffed in there so tight there was no way he was falling out of it. But he loved every second of it!!

You can see other contest photos and check out the winner on Saturday at www.Iheartfaces.com

Stay tuned for next week's contest shot. The theme is "All About Babies" And I think I may know exactly which shot I will use...

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. E

What a cute couple these guys make. We had lots of fun and I tried some different treatments to these pics. Here's a sneak peek at the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. E!

That's a wrap!
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